The routing layer equates to the number of regions contained within the Basic CDN. On every single one of those regions, we are able to cache your content using an LRU mechanism.

Whether you need to apply manual adjustments to your code in order for the responses to be cached depends on what kind of resources the Builds you defined are creating:

Caching Static Files

There are no manual adjustments needed for caching Static Files. We set the Cache-Control header to s-maxage=86400, which ensures that the responses are cached for one day on all the regions within the Basic CDN.

Caching Lambda Responses

In order to cache the response of a Lambda that was created by any of your Builds, you need to make sure to manually set the Cache-Control header and assign it a value that contains the s-maxage parameter (the equivalent of max-age, but for shared caches).

You can read more about the suggested way to define this property here.