Twitter Dreamify with Express

Live Demo

This repo is an example app featured in this blog post. Please be sure to read the blog post to fully understand the concepts demonstrated here.

Also see the Express example for more information on how to use Express with Now.

Getting Started

  • Create an app on Twitter for Developers.
  • Add the required secrets (found in now.json) to your Now account.
    • You'll need your Twitter consumer API keys.
    • COOK_KEY can be any arbitrary string. It is used to sign the user's cookie.
  • Update the callback URL (routes/login/index.js, line 14) to be one from your Twitter app.
  • Update the cookie domain with a now alias of your choosing.
  • Deploy this project with now.
  • Alias your deployment to match your cookie domain: now alias [deployment-url] [chosen-alias].
  • 🎉


Please feel free to open an issue or write us on Twitter with any feedback you may have about this project.